On June 18th, I leave for Ethiopia. While I'm there, I'll be visiting, speaking, and teaching in various places. First, I will take multiple flights from LAX, to San Francisco, to Frankfurt, to Addis Ababa taking around 25 hours of travel. When I arrive, the time will be 10 hours later than Pacific Standard Time.

After some time to recover, I will be the main speaker for two different commencement services. From there, I will present on Leadership in the Church for a seminar in Bahar Dar. I look forward to making some friends, encouraging our brethren in Ethiopia, and learning about the history and culture. 

To learn just a little bit about Ethiopia, I greatly encourage you to visit Wiki Travel's article. I was blown away by the history of this place! It's not just a place that showed up on charity comercials back in the 80s, it is one of the most facinating places in the world!

Some of the things I plan on seeing include:

  • Queen of Sheba’s bath and palace. 
  • Excavated tombs and the country’s most revered church - St. Mary of Zion ( where legend says the Ethiopian orthodox church keeps the original ark of covenant) 
  • The Obelisk of Axum
  • The churches in the Lalibela area
  • 17th century castle compound in Gondar
  • The church of Debre Berhan Selassi

Don't worry, I'll be posting pictures as soon as I can. Also, I hope to hold a presentation for the church and community to share the experience.



06/11/2014 11:02pm

Where's the share button?

07/04/2017 1:11pm

One thing that I've always wanted to do is go to different countries while sharing my knowledge and learning the culture of it at the same time. I've always wanted to take a tour at Ethiopia, it means to offer so much knowledge and I'm very excited to see it. Looking forward to see this wonderful place.

06/20/2014 7:25am

Such a great opportunity for you. We will miss you while you are gone but look forward to hearing about your trip. Be safe.

05/19/2016 3:24am

Travel in Ethiopia (especially bus travel) is a real adventure and not for the faint hearted as there is long travel days (even longer if the bus breaks down) on poorly maintained roads. But it is an excellent way to get up close and personal and experience the life and culture of the locals. When you need more information about traveling, you should visit theapartmentsumalas.com.

09/28/2016 7:00pm

Best of luck for this tour hope you will go safe and also come with the safety. This is a very good place that is having the latest places for the enjoyment. Hope you will enjoy allots on her e and gets the all that you want to enjoy.


Hmm, do you think it is a good decision for you to visit Ethiopia? I hope it will be a great trip for you.

04/06/2017 9:45am

Can you tell us about your journey, please? I am so interested about it. I am sure you were impressed.

04/17/2017 6:35am

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05/25/2017 11:41pm

Hope that you experienced many new things in that lovely place.


A good place to to for a trip.

05/28/2017 11:49pm

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Keep posting this information.


Keep sharing.

07/06/2017 7:39pm

I would love to visit countries from Africa someday. It's the melting pot for cultures that innovated the world. I would like to hear their stories. I would love to experience their day to day living. Have fun in Ethiopia and please leave us some pictures.

07/10/2017 4:28am

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