On June 18th, I leave for Ethiopia. While I'm there, I'll be visiting, speaking, and teaching in various places. First, I will take multiple flights from LAX, to San Francisco, to Frankfurt, to Addis Ababa taking around 25 hours of travel. When I arrive, the time will be 10 hours later than Pacific Standard Time.

After some time to recover, I will be the main speaker for two different commencement services. From there, I will present on Leadership in the Church for a seminar in Bahar Dar. I look forward to making some friends, encouraging our brethren in Ethiopia, and learning about the history and culture. 

To learn just a little bit about Ethiopia, I greatly encourage you to visit Wiki Travel's article. I was blown away by the history of this place! It's not just a place that showed up on charity comercials back in the 80s, it is one of the most facinating places in the world!

Some of the things I plan on seeing include:

  • Queen of Sheba’s bath and palace. 
  • Excavated tombs and the country’s most revered church - St. Mary of Zion ( where legend says the Ethiopian orthodox church keeps the original ark of covenant) 
  • The Obelisk of Axum
  • The churches in the Lalibela area
  • 17th century castle compound in Gondar
  • The church of Debre Berhan Selassi

Don't worry, I'll be posting pictures as soon as I can. Also, I hope to hold a presentation for the church and community to share the experience.


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